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Pave /peɪv/(transitive); To make smooth and optimized. The walk; is the transition from college to the workforce.

PaveTheWalk is a blog that shares productivity tips that are aimed at increasing your output on a personal, academic and work-related level by inculcating soft skills to cement it all in place. 

Vision & Values

To create a bank of resources tailored to help students like you transition from the academic environment to the corporate world and make an impact. 

Core Focus

Effective Communication

Active listening, public speaking, conversations and feedback mechanism.


Forming productive habits, planning critically, and achieving set goals.

Personal Excellence

Self motivation, positive attitude, and emotional intelligence for personal growth.

The Team

People bringing this to you one way or the other. 

Amadi Achinike


Chimenem Nsirim


Ejim Prince


Dixon Idiang

Graphic Designer

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