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Back to School Tips; Proactive preparation for students

back to school preparation tips

What should I do to effectively prepare to go back to school?

The holidays are grinding to a slow stop and in that gradual passing away of days, it hits you that you need to start preparing. 

The feeling of an impending doom rocks your shells because somehow the body already knows that failure to plan is planning to fail.

Asides from that, it is also important to avoid,  those “I told you so” moments when you’re in school beating yourself up for forgetting something of great importance. You begin to feel less and less competent with a full semester still ahead of you.

Not a great spot to be in

So what exactly does it take to resume effectively?

Read on to know the core process behind a successful back to school preparation.

back to school tips

How to prepare for school resumption.

In this research paper on “College Students’ Time Management” by Therese Macans et al., 

A delineation of four factors responsible for the creation of a time management behavior scale was made and “Schedule and Planning” was identified as one of the four.

“We created 76 questionnaire items from a compilation of tips, ideas, and techniques repeated throughout several how-to books on time management”

Therese Macans et al.

Ideally, just with other forms of planning, there are processes that one must follow to prepare for school. 

In this section, the core processes that guide a back to school preparation is discussed. But before then, it is important to encode in your mind that these processes are translational.

1. Get into the right frame of mind.

School will soon resume!!

What’s your response to this?

Well, your response says a lot about your frame of mind.

The mindset behind a particular event can be a deciding factor in how we respond to it. This is why it is crucial to be actively conscious rather than indifferent to how we respond.

The activities that are done during this stage begin the mental preparation for school. It also determines the pace at which planning is completed as seen in a person who doesn’t want to resume school will consequently carry the preparations like a deadweight. 

In essence, these activities seek to detach yourself from gratifications felt from the holiday spoils this, in turn, warms you up like lightweight yoga poses. 

So yes, it means to start thinking of school, what’s ahead, and also to actually want it. Even more so, to be compelled to do all that is required of you.

  • Pause all ongoing bingeing bucket lists
  • Get your sleep schedule right
  • Delegate house chores.if any
  • Reduce screen on-time. Stay off your mobile device

That is one phase of the mindset process. The next phase will have to get you started and you need ideas. 

How to get ideas for your back to school plan

To get ideas for your back to school plan here’s what you can do;

Tip 1: Envision the various activities to be held from the precise end of the present holiday

Tip 2: Extend vision all the way to the start of the next holiday.

For a student, this will entail, getting packed up, routing the journey, settling into campus or college premises, routine activities that hold in the semester, and then vacation.

Tips 3: Meet and a consult with friends and senior colleagues.

2. Create a tentative plan

A tentative plan serves as a guide to roughly conceptualize the present situation and evaluate just how far off you are from a good resumption.

Much into the research paper earlier cited, it was deduced that undergrads who made lists and used planners perceived higher academic performance and satisfaction with life. 

Persons indicating that they engaged more frequently in the mechanics of time management (such as making lists, planning, and scheduling) also reported less role ambiguity but higher GPAs, higher self-ratings of perform-ance, and higher satisfaction with life.

Speaking of making lists, planning and scheduling and their relevant importance. The Daily Plan Toolkit caters for all associated demands. It makes provision for assessment and progress monitoring as well

The good news is that, if you respected the mindset stage, you’d already have something to work with. 

How to create a tentative back-to-school plan

Step#1: At this stage, you’d want to write down all the borne ideas into a planner or a note pad to prevent evaporation and overwhelm on the memory.

Step #2: Next, bring these plans into the world by allocating them into various time slots which may change as time unfolds.

Step #3: Then lay system to facilitate fruition. Typically, you’d need to set alarms and reminders, book appointments if necessary, and then ensure an enabling environment is created by removing distraction and allowing flexibility in case of unforeseen circumstances. 

3. Emphatically execute.

“When something is important enough, you do it even if the odds are not in your favor.” 

Elon Musk

Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX, in an interview, asserted the affirmation above. 

He reckons that in order to execute your plans they’ve got to be very important. Meaning you need to make cater to more pressing needs first, before meeting the lesser ones.-if time permits.

Tasks to be executed can be categorized into;

  • Finances
  • Personal grooming
  • Shopping and Repurposing


Under finance-related activities, you are likely to be met with handling bills. Applying for College Financial Aids or/and Setting up payment plans for tuition are common tasks to plan for

How to set up payment plans for college tuition

  1. Check your college website for any resource that covers payment procedures.
  2. Additionally, for bank payments, You could also log in to your student portal, navigate to “payments” or a similar taxonomy 
  3. Raise an invoice based on the desired payment plan and housings criteria.
  4. Take the invoice to a bank and make payment. Get bank receipts and keep them safely
  5. Upon resumption, go to the school bursary and finalize payment procedures. 

Personal grooming

The previous section houses the most technical aspect of back to school preparation. This and the following section, however, contains somewhat elating activities.

Some tasks to execute for personal grooming are 

  • Getting your hair fixed
  • Having a haircut
  • Visit on necessary medical appointments like routine eye check-up 
  • Attending to hygienic demands

Shopping and repurposing

Before this, a stock inventory should be carried out to evaluate the current state of things in terms of amount and condition.

A simple piece of paper and a BIC biro should suffice. With these, a concise deduction of what is needed is created.

From the above evaluation above, a packing list is created this would involve stationaries, consumables, provisions, etc.

An exhaustive college packing list has been created here.

Bonus: Download a free checklist that will enable you to plan for school resumption without forgetting a darn thing!! Includes 2 other free resources not found in this post

Assess acutely 

During and after the period of planning and execution, a brief assessment of your back to school tentative plan should be carried out.

Through this, You can now observe the degree of progress made by perusing where you were in the grand scheme of things compared to the current nature of things.

This is done simply, by measuring the ratio of the completed task to uncompleted. Tardily, the back to school tentative plan gradually becomes the conclusive one.

That covers it for an actionable plan done in preparation for

 Back to school preparation tips

Below are some tips to know about your back to school preparation;

  • Repurpose and reuse college supplies to save a few bucks
  • Get accountable by making some plans with a friend
  • Batch execute tasks on your plan as categorized earlier. 
  • Pique your interest in school by trying out or admiring new collections bought for school. 
  • Keep an ear out for news concerning resumption from trustworthy sources

Salient points on Back to school preparation

To bring together and recollect our thoughts. Here some devices to help you.

Hitting the ground running

You’ve effectively laid and executed a back to school plan and you’ve prepared well for the resumption of a new session. Kudos to you. 

But the best reward for using the framework, I just gave you is that you get to begin the new semester immediately and with full commitment. 

So the first day of school is a hit!! Deliver your first punch and be on the front foot ahead of your peers.

Is the first day important?

The first day of school is very important because it marks the start of a part of your academic pursuit.

Like it or not,  school is in session, lecturers are ready to give the students something to work on. Topic introductions are made. These create the foundation of courses, it will behoove you to be present during these lectures. 

Also, know your lectures and present a good first impression on them and your coursemates  

Because you’re already in the right mind frame, you can make early and better decisions that play vital roles as the semester rolls out. On your first day of college, you’d want to be seamless incorporated into the system. 

Not resuming on the first day would mean you’d be on the backfoot. I get it, sometimes there are some hard circumstances that we face that hinder us, I urge you to take it easy, and resume when you’re in the right frame of mind under a thriving situation.

Preparing your first day of learning

I will be remiss to bring to your notice the importance of planning your first day and not leave action points on how to prepare for it.

Here are actionable guidelines that should have you prepared for the first day of school

  1. The night beforehand, Plan for the activities that are likely to take place.
  2. Sleep early 
  3. Wake strong with a routine 
  4. Create big expectations for the semester and begin to action them on the first day 
  5. Allow yourself time to acclimatize 
  6. Socialize! It’s human nature.

3 Back to School quotes to remember

Bonus: Download a free checklist that will enable you to plan for school resumption without forgetting a darn thing!! Includes 2 other free resources not found in this post

Resumption dates are closing in, new possibilities of college education are opened up. Sometimes we do need to affirm to ourselves certain words of encouragement to keep us going even in hard times. Quotes to remember when preparing to go back to school

“You can do what you set your mind to”

Back to school motivational quotes

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

Back to school quotes

“Effort is everything”


How the holidays always seem to elude us, truly time sure flies when you’re having fun. 

Anyways, as there is a time to vacate, there also is a time to resume. It is commonly said that luck is when opportunity meets preparation. 

In order to avoid the subversive feeling of ineffective preparation for school, a back-to-school plan must be in effect.

We discussed, in detail, the processes behind a proactive plan. We identified mindset, planning, execution, assessment as major assets in the grand scheme. 

Your call to action is to get into the right mind frame, create a tentative plan, emphatically execute the plan, assess acutely your progress. 

You can do this if you set your mind to it. You know what to do.

Further resources that help you to hit the ground running have been made available to you for download.

Original Featured image by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

What’s your favorite back to school routine?

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