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“Good afternoon Pupils, if you hear your name please go to the staff room after the break; Joshua Anyang, Donald …………*zones out*……………, Amadi Achinike”.

Mrs. Regina

Hol’ Hold on, “did she call me?” I thought while I ate my rice hurriedly.

Mrs. Regina was my class teacher in Primary 5. She wasn’t the type to take ‘No’ for an answer, for she would smite you with a rubber pencil.

My mum always wondered why I always finished my food around that time, little did she know that I ate to a woman holding a piece of wood and graphite.

“Why I am being summoned,” I thought to myself.

It wasn’t until I was in the Hall with other students that I realized these were relatively smart people.

‘Relatively’ because I was kinda the least smart. 

Then the headmaster, a tall intimidating fellow stood up and said;

“You’re here because you have the opportunity to represent your class in this year’s Spelling Bee.”

Wow, Spelling Bee. I thought that was in the movies. 

Anyway, we had pre-trials that day and each prospect was tried individually, infront of the headmaster and two class teachers.

Three is crowd but a small one. No issues, I went blazing through those words. 

I was selected for final trials to be held overmorrow. 

When we got back to the class, the other students wanted to know what was up. They crowded us for details and whatnot. It felt nice. 

So, I got home and resolved to practice with my favorite mirror. 

‘Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the brightest orthographer in Aladumo Primary?”

Two days passed and it was time for the final trials prior to the Quarter finals.

We met at the rendezvous but this time, the judges had increased to 8 teachers and Mr. Jaja. All contestants were allowed in. So the room contained over 19 persons in total.

Achinike, you may step up

Mrs Regina.

Which I did of course, I dare not

Spell ‘Communication’

Too easy, so I go


So much for the Fairest Orthographer.

Somehow, there seemed to be a temporal impairment in the left side of my cerebrum.

But my auditory nerves were working cause I began to hear side-talks and little giggles to top it.

I was frozen but the heat from the stares had me breaking droplets of saltwater.

But Guess what happened?


If at any point you thought this had a happy ending.  You thought wrong. 

My Silver lining is- at least- it didn’t happen during the Quarter finals which was to be hosted in front of the entire school.

I’d prolly have a nickname added to the many already existing,

The end.

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