things for students to do duringchristmas holiday

The Christmas holidays are here, the yuletide season of love and sharing which happens to be a short one for students.

With a lot of DOs and DONTs during this festive period, it’s natural for you to want to get it right. 

To not play and have fun to the points it hurts your academic performance in the long run. 

Also, not too be too strict or inactive that it eventually defeats the purpose of this special period. 

Come a time in January next year, you would want to look back to this holiday period and actualize joy in the deepest part of your bosom. 

Merrily, I say to you, you are about to uncover exactly how to bring that to concrete proof.

Also, not too be too strict or inactive that it eventually defeats the purpose of this special period. 

Come a time in January next year, you would want to look back to this holiday period and actualize joy in the deepest part of your bosom. 

Merrily, I say to you, you are about to uncover exactly how to bring that to concrete proof.

What really matters during the Christmas Holiday. 

Christmas entails the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, King of Israel, Savior of the world, author and finisher of our faith.

His birth signified the beginning of hope, love, and reconciliation with God-our maker.

These are emotions that are engraved in our hearts (center of consciousness) and because of this, we rejoice cause we now know true happiness.

The best gift ever, knowing that it doesn’t matter what we’ve done, where we’ve been or how we think of ourselves- we are forgiven and no longer have to bear shortcomings alone. The weight of our failure and sin that sought to tear us down has been alleviated. What a feeling!

With the concept of Christmas been painted, we can now appreciate happiness as the crux of the Christmas holiday.

You see, happiness is a subjective input. What I mean is that Happiness varies from person to person and is not a byproduct of doing something but an input for a result to be born in the future.

 Dolinski put it best. 

The key to being happy is knowing you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go of.


This calls high-level prioritization and requires taking action towards what really matters.

As a student, in order to enjoy this December holiday, you must paint a clear picture of what is really important. 

Read on to find out what is really important.

All the rituals and traditions you undertake each year do have their aesthetic qualities but they cannot guarantee you the best holiday.

How do I know? Cause we eventually fail to receive the same joy as before. That’s why it’s common to hear things like, ‘The Christmas Spirit is fading.’ All because it’s no longer as fun as it was five or six years ago.

 If you’re expecting to gain joy from them by the physical engagement of these “must-dos”, your reward of happiness will be short-lived. 

You have it the other way round. You must first be happy to enjoy those traditions. Happiness brings zest to building a Christmas tree, attending Carol events, Santa dash, and many more.

How to make the most of this Christmas Holiday

1. Be self-aware and positive.

 One way in which you- as a student- can improve your self-awareness is through evaluating your strengths and weaknesses. 

Being aware of these especially this Christmas holiday means that you can work on your weakness and seek help by conversing with the right person.

We’d discuss the importance of deep conversations much into the text. 

Yeah, it’s been a long year with ups and downs, highs and lows but you have every reason to celebrate. 


Because you were not consumed. Through every challenge that came your way you overcame and you’re still edging forward.

Is it a feat you’re certain you pulled off single-handedly? 

Or is there a force, an invisible friend that seems to be with you and keep you through whatever is thrown at you?

If it’s the latter, then you sure have a lot to be grateful for and even more so, the courage to take on the year ahead.

Understanding this makes room in your heart to let things go which is a conscious action to true happiness.

So this Christmas holiday, I urge you to backtrack to highlights of this year and actively count your wins no matter how little they are and be grateful for them. 

Then adorn yourself with the hope that next year will even be better. Now you’re building momentum for the next academic hurdle and rejuvenating your will power.

2. Connect with family and friends

things to do during Christmas holidays

For students who are not day schooling, a dent in communication between family members is born.

All forms of communication gravitate towards long-distant calls and chats via technological media.

While it may be sufficient in exchanging information, it lingers in creating an environment for shoring up interpersonal connections through deep meaningful conversations. 

The Christmas Holiday is an opportunity to spend time with our family members and get to really intricately know them.

Talking with them about their flaws will be a very difficult conversation you ought to have. But the season is about love, caring, and sharing.

An open rebuke is greater than hidden love. Do it with love not out of pure savagery and insensitivity. 

Hold deep difficult conversations over social gatherings. Ask questions that surround their insecurities but be willing to listen when they open up and render sincere help.

In the face of deep conversations, I find that I become quite vulnerable amongst trustworthy people then I spill some brown beans, next thing you’re blown off your mind, and connections become bolstered.

It is a good feeling, you let off things that may too heavy to bear and let the ones who truly care for you care for you.

3. Delineate your goals

students do this during Christmas holidays

Your academic pursuit ain’t going nowhere just yet. Heck, it even awaits you in a few weeks time.

It is inherent to bear the responsibility of attending to the needs of your academic pursuits over the Christmas holidays.

I know, Yes, it’s a period of jolly and schoolwork is anything but fun. 

I agree, but it’s not enough reason to ignore it. That’s why it comes in last. 

Mind you, I’m not saying you have to do it only after all the above two are done. I’m reiterating that you factor it into your plans same as whatever Christmas ritual you serve.

Christmas Clothe Get-up or Christmas Cinema Special Evening with fam will be met with slight course revisions in the evening. 

You get the point now. 

Fix your academic goals in the grand scheme of things but lower down on the scale of preferences. 

  • Revisiting previous course work will mean a great deal for you;
  • more effective revision processes.
  • Build stronger connections and a bigger picture of the course. 
  • Nudge in ahead of your peers.
  • Warm start to the year

And of course, your 7 pillars of wellbeing should also be catered for in your plans during the Christmas holiday season. Let it piece up all nicely 


It’s jolly times with so many plans both big and small. It’s not uncommon to lose focus on what really counts.

Leveraging this strategic holiday period can pivot you as a student to far-reaching goals for consecutive academic and personal successes.

Hone in on yourself, serve the people around you, and reinforce your goals is the recipe for an awesome Christmas holiday season.

Stay frosty and happy. I will too.

In the spirit of sharing, send this post to a loved one to make his or her Christmas holiday a milestone.

What Christmas ritual are you looking forward to? Share with us in the comment section

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