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Health Awareness: 7 pillars of wellness

Health awareness for post-millennials

“Are you normal?” a Nigerian will loosely ask. Despite being used mostly, as a rhetorical question, it is in fact, one that draws attention to our state of wellness.

But before we can genuinely answer the above question one must understand all there is to wellness. It is important to note that the dimensions of wellness discussed, are the world’s conceived standards therefore they are relative.

By the end of this article, we would be able to conceive a perception of the question and possibly provide answers. 

This article or post is focused on the Generation Z class humans (Gen-Z-ers). Gen Zers is synonymous with iGen, centennials and post-millennials; all of which generally refer to people born within the year 1995-2010.

If you are Gen-Z let’s identify ourselves in the comment section.


Wellness is a familiar term, but what is its true definition; ‘The absence of disease’?- Wrong!

It is more than just being free from illness.

Since health and wellness are mutually inclusive, it is usual to see them in the same body of text but let us not make the mistake of thinking they are the same thing.

Now, do note that I am NOT going to give you all that ‘according to WHO’ theoretics. If you do not know the definitions, Kindly Ask GOOGLE

In essence, A healthy person is one who is rid of any deviation from the normal state of the mind and body while the state of wellness is achieved by actively becoming aware of and making choices towards living a healthy and fulfilling life.

To achieve overall wellbeing, one should not lack in certain interconnected concepts generally referred to as ‘The dimensions of wellness’. From the focus of this post, we would be discussing the 7 relevant ones to Gen-Zers.


1. Spiritual Wellbeing 

People who can be described as spiritually hearty ought to possess a core set of beliefs that guide their decision making, and other faith-based endeavors. They recognize the relationship between spirituality and identity in all individuals.

Personally, I realize that having a sound relationship with God avails so much more than just spiritual wellness. It makes you have a sense of purpose and meaning in life otherwise we are just wandering the earth. This is so important no wonder it makes the top spot.

2. Physical Wellness

People who are physically hale, make healthy decisions on a daily basis. They eat a nutritionally balanced diet, try to get an adequate amount of sleep, and exercise three to five times per week as physical fitness improves physical wellness.

As gen-zers we desire to be comfortable in our skin so we have to strive towards physical fitness.

To be physically sound we must also make healthy sexual decisions that are consistent with our personal values and beliefs.

You do NOT want to be doing the DNA dance!!!👀

3. Emotional Wellbeing

A person who is emotionally well is aware of their feelings and is able to successfully manage an entire spectrum of feelings including anger, doubt, hope, joy, fear etc.

Ideally, he or she is supposed to be able to manage stress-induced situations. 

I’m afraid that is not the case with the average Nigerian, which is understandable reflecting the ubiquitous nature of stress in the country.

4. Intellectual Wellness

Those who enjoy intellectual wellness engage in lifelong learning.

They seek knowledge and activities that further develop their critical thinking and heighten global awareness.This is a natural attribute of post millennials..

fun fact about mental wellness

I’m ‘today’ years old finding out. Guess I better be on some Intellectual wellness.

5. Social Wellness 

Post millennials showing good social wellness

This dimension involves having good communication skills, the ability to establish good and healthy long-term relationships based on support, trust and validation.

Being self-confident, autonomous and social creatures, Centennials  tend to achieve this rather easily.

You, sharing this post across social media platforms is a practical example of social wellness.

Here are a few things you could do to improve your social health during this period of quarantine.

6. Environmental Wellness 

An environmentally well person appreciates the external cues and stimuli that an environment can provide. 

People who have achieved environmental wellness  seek to understand the role an individual plays in the environment.

Keep this in mind when next you want to dispose refuse improperly.

7. Cultural Wellness

 Culturally competent people are aware of their own cultural background, as well as the diversity and richness present in other cultural backgrounds.

A culturally well person acknowledges and accepts the impact of these aspects of diversity leaving no room for ethnocentrism.

Others are; Occupational and financial wellness. For now, these are out of the scope of discussion although this post will be updated as soon as it becomes relevant. Do well to bookmark this page.


To answer the Theme Question, one must bear two frames of mind; technical and recursive.

In technical terms, the obvious answer to the themed Q is NO!

You are not normal, I am not normal, even the person asking the Question is not normal.

In recursive terms, the answer is YES, since it is normal to be imperfect. No person is perfect.

However, we owe it to ourselves to identify areas that need to be worked on and deal with them accordingly.

It is when we fail to do this, are we truly adrift.

“a conscious, self-directed and evolving process of achieving full potential.”

– The National Wellness Institute On WELLNESS

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  1. Beautiful..nice one brother

  2. A Very Good Read! Well thought out and very definitive! Keep it up!

  3. My learned brother…..this is a very nice piece….a lot of truth contained in it. Thanks

    1. It takes an elite person to know another. Thank you

  4. ⒈ I’m a proud GenZers 😁
    ⒉ I really find this educative and inspiring, nice article Fam.
    ⒊I would humbly like to disagree with the social wellness (I stand corrected tho), that states the GenZers has the ability to keep up long and healthy relationship, I find that really unusual because this generation is the least likely to commit in any kind of relationship be it plutonic or romantic. (Let me stop here 😁)

    Nice one brother 👍.

    1. I’m glad you found it so. I also appreciate your contribution which infact a problem we are facing presently.

    2. The ability to be more social beings compared to our predecessors owes to the fact that we are born into a world of networking. My response to your 3rd point is that social media is and has been a double edged sword,while it has helped in connecting us to our family,friends and ‘significant others’, we have also used it as a standard in our relationships. We let what we see online affects genuine human feelings. That has cause harm in our relationships (both plutonic and romantic).