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Instructional Guide: How to leverage the Stellar Exam Planner for tests

Examination planner tool

The significance of leveraging an exam planner to cater for your planning needs can’t be told off.

Tell me, what beats planning effectively for an event?

Succeeding in that event.

Just like every event, an examination is one that requires both strategic long term plans as well as tactical short term plans. Read more on this.

As such, it is witty to leverage tools and resources that make it possible to achieve effective planning. There are so many free and paid tools to fulfill this purpose.

Some of them are;Templates, calendars, printables,planners, apps and softwares.

Before the end of this post, you will be able to access a tool that helps you stay on top of your exam preparations all for free.

Planning and Success are both mutually inclusive. There is no success without a plan, but there can be planning but no reward of success.

When this happens, a lot of questions must be asked about the plan. Either way, it’s a win-win situation. If a person should plan and does not succeed, He learns.


“Stellar Planner” as the name implies is a robust exam planner which when effectively leveraged, can be a resource in your arsenal to help yield astronomical results.

This is an electronic spreadsheet resource that provides a platform to input data, manage courses, edit and make decisions that affect the outcome of success.

It is also a smart tool that takes the weight of your shoulder by making sound suggestions of what your priorities should be using the Eisenhower matrix logic.

All you need to do is to insert data that corresponds to the situation currently faced. From this, logical suggestions are made and converted into meaningful information that can be interacted with.

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Components of Stellar Exam Planner

Here, we discuss all the sections of the tools and their functionality.

Info Tab

exam planner for increased productivity

This is the introductory portion of the tool. It contains:

  • The template design graphic
  • Introductory note
  • A few notes to Note and 
  • Simple Instructions to follow

The Overview Tab

exam planner for high levels of productivity

This tab provides a module in which you can input certain data that the logic operators convert into information and cause the Eisenhower matrix to make sound decisions.It also contains a block that provides a module that enables the addition of timetables and the likes.

The Courses Tab

exam planner for high levels of productivity

The interactive section of the tool. It contains;

  • The Eisenhower Matrix for priority classification.
  • A student dashboard for courses taken that semester or time frame.
  • And course home for individual course filled in the overview tab. In this box, smart goals and objectives are outlined bu the student.
exam planner for high levels of productivity

Planner tab

 Holds a template that provides the functionality of a calendar. Herein, Users can add events, actions and whatnot.

exam planner for increased productivity

Brain Tab

This is not far fetched. You do not need rocket science to decipher this. It is simply the brain of the tool

Just as the human body requires the brain to function, same as Stellar Planner.

Most times, injury to the brain would incur damages and impairments in functionality.

You can stay off this tab. Better still, Hide it by clicking the arrow beside it, so you don’t have for yourself, a dysfunctional planner to plan your examinations.

Ofcourse, you do know what that would result to.

Practical Example

A student of Petroleum Engineering pursuing the award of the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (B.eng) is to commence her final year examinations on the 17th of August. She births a vocation to plan effectively by starting preparations two weeks prior to the exam. Hypothetically, how would she use Stellar Planner as a planning tool if faced with a situation represented by data in the table below?

CoursesUnitDate of exam Preparedness(%)
Multiphase flow in Pipes (PTE 516)417/08;9.00am75
Enhanced Oil Recovery III (PTE 512)420/08;1.00pm25
Petroleum Economics (PTE 514)424/08;4.00pm50
Natural Gas Engineering (PTE 522)427/08;9.00am75


She would take the following steps;

1. Prerequisites

  • Install the sheets app by google
  • She visits the link to get access to the resource
  • Creates a copy on her desktop or laptop device.

2. Workflow on Overview tab

Head over the overview tab and inserts her timetable for each course in the timetable module by selecting the date from the drop-down menu.

exam planner for high levels of productivity

On the overview module, input data as requested in the drop down menu.

3. Workflow on Courses tab

Moving on to the Courses tab; we find that the smart Eisenhower matrix has automatically classified courses according to High, Medium and Low priorities.

Input course units under the units column and choose assessment performance. (optional).Notice that the total course units are being computed automatically.

Courses are added automatically into course home boxes where goals and tasks can be highlighted.

4. Workflow on Planner Tab

Head over to the planner menu and insert the date in which planning starts in the allocated cell. Notice that all dates were updated automatically.


The Stellar Planner can be an effective tool for planning all forthcoming and ongoing exams. To yield maximum results from it will mean that you continuously update input data as time unfolds.

There are so many paid tools out there providing more less similar functionality.

Leverage this tool, save some cost. The value is all yours for the taking as this blog is keen on fulfilling her mission.

This tool single-handedly makes the preparation of exams easier and smoother.

Do you have a contribution or testimonial? Leave us a comment down below.

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“Failure to plan is planning to fail”

Allan Lakein

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    I’m impressed with the Stellar Planner as it helps you keep a tab on your level of preparedness on different courses. That way you get more effective reading done. Impressive.