Knowing and Orchestrating Precedence

Now you may be wondering about the importance of precedent in our day to day lives and you are about to find why.

A very crucial and fundamental part in the practice of law and international politics is “precedent”.

According to the dictionary, a precedent is an act in the past which may be used as an example to help decide the outcome of similar instances in the future.

This simply means that precedent allows the past to determine the present or the future. I believe precedent in law or international politics can be likened to some life lessons.

And just like a state can take precedent from another state, so we also take lessons from other people.

Precedent shapes the law that governs a state or states in the international system.

In the same vein, life lessons shape our decisions, values, and beliefs as individuals and as a group of people. In some cases, we are the ones that create a precedent that shapes our lives and the lives of those around us.

For this reason, I think it is important to reflect on the precedent we have created with our lives. This precedent could either be positive or negative. For instance, people usually say that you may be the villain in someone’s story and that may possibly create a negative precedent for them in their interactions with other people.

On the other hand

Your struggles as an individual can challenge people to become better versions of themselves, giving them a path to follow and creating a positive precedent in their lives.

Social media has made it possible for precedent aka life lessons of people we don’t even know affect and shape our lives and decisions.

Though it may seem funny, the various examples of –what I ordered vs what I got, has informed our decisions when ordering from online stores. Social media has also created a platform for people to share personal stories that we subconsciously learn from.

Nigerians react after lady shared photos of what she ordered versus what  she got ▷ Legit.ng
It is important to note that in either positive or negative precedent,in little ways that may even seem fleeting or inconsequential, we really do tend to affect and alter the lives of others.

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