These Chattering Creatures

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Chatterbox; I refer to the meaningless voices in my head. Lately, they’ve been doing a good job at chattering and they grow louder each passing day.

Everyone has voices in their head. Right? Do you? Or is it just me finally losing it?

 I’d like to believe the former.

Anyways, we all have voices in our head, there is The little still voice or the ravaging persuasive voice which I refer to as the chatterbox.

While we may think, it is normal to have these voices,  we truly do not know the power they bear. The power to either build or tear down are in their arsenal.

If yours is mostly of good tidings then you are blessed. As for me, mine are the worst critics.

“He calls me the worst”. Bro, you are not good enough to start a blog. Talking about productivity, maybe you didn’t know, you are not productive. It takes 10 days for you to write an article.

Who teaches what they are they are not an expert at? 

Yeah, yeah you fought your way to the top of the academic chain and so what? You think the experience learned from your struggle is enough to help people in similar situations.

Who said they will listen to you and what makes you think they’ll support you?

Have you read your copies? Do you know your competitors? They’ll laugh at you. You are way below their level and you will never get to theirs. 

Fam, It goes without saying, ‘You’re way over your head,dream boy.’ That’s why you were called ‘Joseph’. I bet none of your friends know this. Did all your best to keep it from them.

How did you get here? What were you thinking?

You don’t have all the skills and requirements to pull this magnitude of a commitment. You’re trying to create a movement, dedicating your time and resources to something that may not succeed. You are bound to be wounded by incurring a loss.

My advice for you is to keep away from blogging till you have enough experience and all the knowledge needed. Till you’re worthy, if you should, then maybe you may have a shot. 

Learn now, teach when you become an expert- whenever that maybe. Don’t share your learnings, keep it to yourself. It’s the easiest route to follow. That’s my two cents.

Nah, mine is he should just quit.

Hold on, wait what? Now there’s two of you?

Well, just quit. It’s quite very simple. Allow me to enlighten you on the benefits for a sec.

  • You get to focus on yourself and your life.
  • Have no commitment whatsoever to anything whose rewards are in the far future.
  • Save for yourself the large amounts of time and associate resources blogging demands.

Shall I continue?

Yup, there are two of them. I guess one is the lesser evil.

How do I cause death to these voices? Can I ever quiet them?

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